Oxford 1Oxford is a mission community of the Armenian Church in the UK. The first ever Divine Liturgy in Oxford took place in 2013 in the Chapel of Pembroke College, University of Oxford. The idea to celebrate the Armenian Liturgy with the student community was initiated by Dr. Hratch Tchilingirian (Oriental Institute) and Marianna Asatryan (founding Choir Director) with the support of Prof. Theo van Lint, a Fellow of Pembroke College and Professor of Armenian Studies. Following the first Divine Liturgy which was celebrated by the Primate Bishop Vahan, steps were taken to form a mission parish. Fr. Garegin Hambartsoumyan, who was a student at Oxford for two years, provided pastoral care and Bible Studies to the Armenian Student Society. Since 2013 the Divine Liturgy has been celebrated annually and meetings take place on special occasions.