The Canterbury Khachkar

The Armenian community of Great Britain participated in the unveiling of a khachkar at Canterbury Cathedral on 2 March 2019. The khachkar was placed in the cathedral’s Memorial Garden to mark the end of WWI, remember the Armenian Genocide of 1915, and recall the memory of Randall Davidson (Archbishop of Canterbury 1903-1928), who worked tirelessly to save Armenians at that time.
 On the day of dedication, a beautiful vespers service was held in the main cathedral, presided by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, with the participation of Bishop Hovakim Manukyan. The ceremony was attended by dignitaries, as well as several hundred Armenians and their friends from across the United Kingdom. The presence of so many people added more colour and dignity to the event. The church service was followed by the consecration of the khachkar with holy miuron from Holy Echmiadzin, accompanied by a special Armenian service led by Bishop Manukyan and supporting clergymen.
After the consecration, the procession moved to the cloisters where Bishop Manukyan and Archbishop Welby lay flowers and prayed at the grave of Randall Davidson.

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