Divine Liturgy in Oxford

On Saturday 9th February primate visited Oxford and celebrated Divine Liturgy at the chapel of Pembroke college on the feast of sons and grandsons of St. Gregory the Illuminator. The liturgy at in Oxford is an annual event especially organised for the Armenian students who come from various countries for study. It is organised jointly with Oxford Armenian Society and Pembroke College as well as department of the Armenian studies in Oxford university. The wonderful Armenian choir, Oxford Armenian society filled the air with the pearls of the Armenian divine liturgy. Reverend Father Gregorious Shokhikhyan, Phd student at Notingham University and member of brotherhood of Holy Etchmiadzin and Deacon Yervant Kutchukian, Phd Student at Oxford (faculty of Eastern Christianity) and sub-deacon Yourik Martyrossyan assisted the Primate in celebrating the mass. Primate delivered a message about the importance of the feast and missionary work the sons and grandsons of St. Gregory did in Armenia as well as spoke about the need of re-evangelisation of our people. He also thanked Mr and Mrs David & Marina Asatryan for organising the liturgy and leading the wonderful Choir, professor Theo vant Lint from Oxford university, without his continuous support the event would not have been possible. Pilgrims from London and Swindon joined the local congregation and students. At the end of the liturgy there was a reception organised by Oxford Armenian Society. The chapel of the Pembroke college is the only Anglican Chapel where we have the icon of holy martyrs of the Armenian Genocide.



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