The 18th Anniversary of Death of Catholicos Garegin I

June 29th marked the 18th anniversary of death of Garegin I,  Catholicos of All Armenians. Every year at this time a tribute is paid to the beloved Catholicos by Armenian people.

He was born Nshan Sarkissian in the village of Kessab in Cilicia in 1932 and was buried on 4th July of 1999 in the heart of Motherland, in Echmiadzin as Garegin I, Catholicos of All Armenians.

Garegin I was one of the outstanding Church leaders of modern times. He was the “people’s” Catholicos”. Whoever needed to see him had an easy access to him.

He had a doctorate degree and was a member of numerous international scientific and ecumenical societies. His articles were published by international inter-church publications. He was the vice-president of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches as well as was serving as a president of numerous international ecumenical councils. He was an author of a number of books on Theology, Moral and Ethics and Philosophy.

In addition to his theological and philosophical knowledge, he spoke three languages – English and French in addition to his native Armenian. He was a brilliant orator giving deeply meaningful  and inspiring speeches. One of his original speeches given in Germany on 25th January, 1998 in the St. Mesrop-Sahak Church as well as additional information can be accessed by clicking here.

Please note that the original article is in Armenian.